Bornholm Airport may not be one of the largest airports in Denmark – but it is probably situated in the most beautiful place and located only 7 minutes from arrival to Port of Rønne. The Airport has up to 8 daily operations to Copenhagen as well as regular service to other Danish airports.

/ airport operations for both small and big commercial flights on a daily basis
/ assistance regarding both crew change and cargo handling
/ serve as a base for helicopters.


Core products
• Bornholm Airport is an international gateway fulfilling all requirements.
• The airport handles operations for both small and big commercial flights on a daily basis.
• The airport has an expanded cooperation with Danish military and the Danish SAR alert≠initiative.
• We also handle helicopters on a regular basis, as we serve as a base for helicopters.
• We can assist regarding both crew change and cargo handling.

When NordStream established two parallel gas pipelines from Vyborg in the northern Russia through the Baltic Sea to Lubmin in Germany (1,224 km), Bristow Group had their helicopters based at Bornholm Airport, and used our airport to bring offshore staff to and from the three pipe laying barges. Bornholm Airport handled all the necessary procedures. After Nordstream 2 Wiking Helicopter took over.

• Fuel: 100LL and Jet A1.
• Fueling 100LL: 150 L/MIN.
• Fueling Jet A1: 400 L/MIN.
• De-icing facilities.
• Minor repair facilities.

• Direct booking and luggage check≠in to foreign destinations via Copenhagen Airport.
• Car rental.
• Taxi and public busses.
• Restaurant.
• Wifi.

Danish Air Transport is the primary commercial operator through its subsidiary Destinations: Copenhagen (35 minutes - up to 8 daily operations). Aalborg, Billund, Air Alsie to Sønderborg as well as Charter with Thomas Cook Airlines. DAT provides a number of scheduled services as well as passenger charters and freight services. Turnover in 2018: 891 million DKK. and

• 330,000 passengers went through Bornholm Airport in 2018.
• 2000 meter runway.

Established Bornholm Airport was founded in 1940.

Number of employees 41.

Ownership The Danish State Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority.


Bornholm Airport +45 56 95 26 26
Fuel and oil: +45 56 95 56 00
Minor repairs: +45 56 95 56 00


Bornholm Airport
Søndre Landevej 2,
DK-3700 Rønne
+45 56 95 26 26