Bornholm granite

Granite from Bornholm is one of the world’s oldest granites – a natural resource that we at NCC process with great respect and consideration for the environment.

NCC Industry is one of Denmark’s largest raw material extractors, operating 23 gravel quarries and shipping terminals spread across most of Denmark. On Bornholm, we are particularly proud of our quarry in Rønne. Bornholm granite has been proving its worth here since 1873. Granite is an extremely long-lasting product whose enormous strength makes it ideal in construction materials for e.g. new infrastructure and wind turbine foundations.


Part of the Nordic NCC Group

We are part of the Nordic NCC Group, one of Northern Europe’s largest companies within construction, civil engineering, and property development. We cover the entire value chain in the construction sector and handle complex construction processes from start to finish, developing and constructing buildings, roads, facilities, and other infrastructure. This is our contribution to a positive change in society.


Local sourcing – a cornerstone of our raw material supply

At NCC, we place great importance on being able to supply local raw materials. This is more environmentally friendly, as we avoid the long transport routes from the point of extraction to the point of use, but it also cuts transport costs, much improving the economics of a project’s raw material procurement. Most recently, we have delivered huge quantities of granite for the extensive expansion of the Port of Rønne – including for a 1.1 km breakwater and a 300 meters multi-quay, which will receive special vessels with heavy loads for servicing and installation within the offshore industry.


We measure the environmental impact of raw material products.

All construction projects start with raw materials, which makes it all the more important that we know the entire history of a material’s climate impact. NCC is the first Danish raw material producer to prepare EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for sand, gravel and stone materials. This gives our customers a transparent and real insight into the energy and resource consumption and environmental impact of our raw material products through all phases of their life.

Lars Holde Olsen
Sales Manager, Raw Materials, NCC Industry
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Poul-Rikard Holberg Ebbesen
Product Manager, Raw Materials Bornholm, NCC Industry
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