Fl. Svendsen VVS is a plumbing installer company, striving to provide a service quickly, reliable and effective. We know that when customers call us, they need our help urgently. We are assisting both small and big customers with district heating, heating pumps, water, gas, ventilation, energy savings.


/ plumbing installation 
/ heating pumps.
/ process ventilation: Plastic welding.
/ leak tracing.


Core products 
• Heating pumps: Installation, repair, maintenance
Plumbing installation
Process ventilation: Installation, repair, maintenance.
Comfort ventilation: Installation, repair, maintenance.
Plastic welding.
Leak tracing (sniffing, listening)

Other products
Gas installations, energy savings. 

Authorized by
Danish Safety Technology Authority.

Member of
• Tekniq – the industry association for installation work. 
• Offshore Center Bornholm.

Years in business 30+

Number of employees 30+

Ownership Privately held company.


24/7/365 Contact
+ 45 56 95 39 43


Fl. Svendsen VVS
Almindingsvej 10,
DK-3700 Rønne
+45 56 95 39 43.