KH Maskinfabrik manufactures complex steel constructions and performs all kind of welding on tanks and piping. KH Maskinfabrik is offering repair, maintenance and service for a wide range of machinery used in the industrial sector. We also service pressure systems, auto lifts and gas station installations.


/ steel construction engineering.
/ new constructions and refurbishments.
/ taylored spareparts.


Company profile
• As a subcontractor KH Maskinværksted has a long track record in tailored and specialized products and process engineered solutions to eg. airplane-, medical- and truck-industry.
• In 2018 KH Maskinværksted was 'company of the year´on Bornholm, just as we were the best apprenticeship.
• I 2019 KH Maskinværksted will expand to 3.300 m2 and 70 employees.

Core products
 Complex steel constructions.
• Steel engineering.
• Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery.
 Tailored spare parts.

Other products
• Laser cutting in steel and plastic up to 3 x 1,5 metres.
• Robot welding, cnc press braking.

Member of
Tekniq – the industry association for installation work.
Offshore Bornholm.

Networking with

Established KH Maskinværksted was founded in 1985.

Number of employees 30.

Ownership Privately held company. Claus Duevang and Ocean Prawns.


24/7/365 Contact
+45 56 95 89 65.


KH Maskinfabrik

Kaj Mogensens Vej 4
DK-3700 Rønne
+45 56 95 89 65.