BornFiber provides lightning-fast fiber-optic broadband internet and tv to 9 out of 10 households on Bornholm. We began our journey in 2015, with a clear mission to deliver state of the art first-class internet to Bornholm. Visit to learn more and order.


Company profile

  • Tv & Streaming
  • Internet to 9/10 households on Bornholm
  • Up to 1000/1000 mbit/s speed
  • State of the art WiFi-router with WiFi6 technology
  • Excellent customer service with less than 3 min. waiting time – call us at +45 70890000


Core products

TV & Streaming and Fiber-optic broadband


Other products

Besides broadband, we provide attractive tv & streaming deals through our tv-partners Waoo & Allente.

Years in business

8+ years


Number of employees 



Privately held



Bymarken 9

DK-3790 Hasle                                


Tel. +45 7089 0000            




Contact person: Nicklas Pedersen

Cell.: +45 32252451


24/7/365 Contact nummer: +4570890000