The maritime Bornholm at hand - Local Bornholm maritime service on worldwide app


In the past it was necessary to have a map to find your way or the yellow pages in order to get help with a task. Nowadays it is easy to find a solution with a smartphone and the internet. And to make it even easier for boats arriving at Rønne harbour, the company network Offshore Center Bornholm (OCB) has developed the service app OCBORNHOLM. The app provides an easy and quick overview of services offered to maritime and offshore needs and you can download it to your mobile phone.

OCB's coordinator Lone Reppien Thomsen explains that the maritime visitors and clients are the ones who has opened the eyes of the network, making them realize the need for an app that combines all the services the members of OCB has to offer. The maritime visitors have been surprised many times about the many things they can receive help with when visiting Rønne harbour.

A boat is a production unit and if something breaks down, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible so the production can continue. The members of the OCB are ready to step in even on a Saturday afternoon. Through generations the companies at Bornholm have served the maritime industry and it's only natural for the companies that a break down must be fixed immediately. The members of the OCB are ready to offer their services when there’s a need for maintenance, small repairs, inspection of safety equipment or approval of ramps, hydraulics etc.

“We were under the impression that everybody in the maritime industry knew what Bornholm has to offer when it comes to placement and developed services and competencies but we have forgot to mention this” told Lone Reppien Thomsen and continues “The size of Bornholm has become a huge benefit since everything lies within 7 minutes away.” For example, it takes only 7 minutes to go from Bornholm airport to the quay at Rønne harbour. This is a unique case that has been commented. For a Dutch client this was ideal because he could transport his employees from Amsterdam to Rønne and in 7 minutes they were on the boat going to the work site.

OCB Offshore Center Bornholm is optimistic about the future. After the expansion of Rønne harbour there’s been an open door for new opportunities both offshore wind but also the growth in transport of goods and freight in the Baltic Sea is expected to increase the demand for service. All things considered there’s a lot going on within the maritime industry, for instance an increase in the use of IoT sensor technology, more digitisation and development in the green agenda. We also experience new services like the use of drones in the OCB network.

The app OCBornholm is aimed at site managers or business partners that needs to quickly find out who to contact at Bornholm when there's a need for help with a specific problem.  The app is part of the project “connect OCB” that is supported by LAG resources (Local Action Group). You can download OCBornholm from Appstore and Play Store or