7 minutes at the 7th Wind & Maritime 2018

The 7th Future Conference: Wind & Maritime – the conference in the Northeast that connects wind energy and maritime industry – will identify market and technology trends in the sectors onshore and offshore wind energy, maritime industry and marine technology and bring together industry representatives, ranging from start-up to global player, in Rostock from 18 to 19 April 2018.

A magic number for the conference - and a lot of offshore activity in the Baltic Sea


Big focus on Port of Roenne!

The port expansion and the financial strategy behind has put the port of Roenne in the headlines.

“Further the news of VBMS choosing Port of Roenne as baseport during offshore activity for the Arkona windpark project close to Bornholm has been in headlines too. The geographical position of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea makes the island attractive in connection to offshore wind projects which are supported by having its own airport and an array of services, that have served maritime and logistics activity for generations. So, you see, having an active port matters, determine Lone Reppien Thomsen …