Visiting the Danish Ambassador in Poland

It was a pleasure to meet the Danish Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen at the Danish Embassy in Poland. A very welcoming meeting for the Offshore Center Bornholm for sharing experience in wind power.  


See the following interview at the Embassy Link


New crane at Port of Rønne

New arrival 

The crane is of the type Liebherr LHM 250. The weight of the crane is 235 tonnes and it can lift up to 64 tons at a time within a radius of 20 metres. The maximum radius is 38 meters, where the crane can lift up 25, 1 ton on the hook. A container spreader is included and later also a grab.

The crane will till example be useful when the Port of Rønne is hub for turbines under the construction of Krieger Flak Wind Park.


The maritime Bornholm at hand - Local Bornholm maritime service on worldwide app


In the past it was necessary to have a map to find your way or the yellow pages in order to get help with a task. Nowadays it is easy to find a solution with a smartphone and the internet. And to make it even easier for boats arriving at Rønne harbour, the company network Offshore Center Bornholm (OCB) has developed the service app OCBORNHOLM. The app provides an easy and quick overview of services offered to maritime and offshore needs and you can download it to your mobile phone.

OCB's coordinator Lone Reppien Thomsen explains that the maritime visitors and clients are the ones who has o…