Heading to WindEnergy 2016 (back to Hamburg)

The OCB is heading back to Hamburg for the amazing WindEnergy Expo between the 27th and 30th of September.

We will be doing lots of walking to try and meet new companies, people we can collaborate with and try and develop new partnerships.

Hope you have a good trade fair and see you there!

Kriegers Flak Network Day (a bit late)

We also attended the formation of new Kriegers Flak Network Group last week.

Bornholm would be a great place to do some of the bigger works of Kriegers Flak when it gets awarded at the end of the year. We have great facilities, good access and limited traffic that will be ideal when construction begins in 2018.

It was a really interesting meeting, with presentations given from to of the potential owners of the 600 MW offshore wind project - Vattenfall and e.On (with Statoil) - discussing how they work best with local communities and what is required. E.On went further and had the project man…

Enjoying SMM Hamburg

So, it has been a busy few days!

But we are still here. There have been some great contacts made already, and it has been really interesting to see the maritime industry in full flow. The global reach of this conference is unparalleled with exhibitors from all over Europe. There are opportunities here for local, national and international business.

We are still here until tomorrow. If you can, stop by and try some of our great Svaneke beer.

We are looking to make new partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers and to catch up with old colleagues.