Technidrone gives you the edge in minimizing risks and optimizing operations - outperforming helicopters, masts and cranes. Technidrone gives you access to high quality images, high quality videos and thermal imaging - all live streamed from the air or from under the sea with our remotely operated underwater vehicle. (ROV). The drones combined with an advanced Data Management System ensures efficient aerial data collection and management.


/ live stream inspections of masts and wind turbines.
/ high quality video and still photos.
/ precise mapping and calculation of harbour areas and construction projects.


Core products
• Inspections off masts, windturbines, chimneys. (30 optical zoom).
• Documentation: Photos and videos with geo tagging.
• Precise survey, mapping and calculation of harbour areas, construction projects and other landscapes (5.2K video and 45,7 megapixel photos).Underwater inspection of hulls, quays, underwater constructions (4K video and 12 megapixel photos).

Other products
Thermal imaging. Inspection of heated water and steam pipes, and associated report with thermal and visual images taken simultaneously. Building diagnostics, detect heat loss, wet insulation, ventilation defects etc.
• Solar inspection; detect the defective panels and leaking pipes. Powerline inspection; detect abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow.

Still images: 45,7 megapixels.
• High quality video: 5.2K (5280x2972), with 5 axis in camera stabilization.
• Thermal imaging:
• Payload capacity: Up to 8 kg.
• Flight times: Up to 30 minutes. Technidrone have developed a tool that ensures swift battery change without turning the drone off, which ensures more airtime.
• Increased reliability, dual redundancy of key modules such as the IMU, barometer, GPS and battery. The drones are also equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles, minimizing the risk of collision.
• Close cooperation with leading developers and we provide the most efficient software for asset monitoring, analyzing and reporting.

Selected references
Rohde Nielsen A/S, Port of Rønne, RF Elements s.r.o, Per Aarsleff A/S, Sweco Danmark A/S, VG Entreprenør A/S, Junttan.

Other references
Danish Air Transport A/S, Boligselskabet BO42, Bornfiber A/S, Bornpark I/S, Dansk Erhverv, Dansk Supermarked A/S, Destination Bornholm ApS, Dronops Produktion IVS, Foreningen Folkemødet, Maskingården Rønne ApS, Morsings Entreprenørkørsel ApS, Novasol A/S, Silva Estate A/S, TV2 Bornholm.

Category 2 certificate. Up to 25 kg drone. Night flying.

Accredited by
• Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (
• MydroneAcademy (

Approved by
Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (

Member of
UAS Denmark - International Test Center & Cluster for drones. (
• DroneDanmark - industry association (
• Robocluster - innovation network (

Brands and products
DJI, Nikon og Sony.

Established: 2016.

Number of employees: 2

Ownership: Privately held company. Per Frost.



+45 51 52 93 75


Søndre Ringvej 69,
DK-3700 Rønne
Tel: +45 7020 0908
Mobil: +45 5152 9375