STEENBERG architects and engineers conduct engineering and architectural work, such as design, planning, construction, electrical and plumbing installations, engineering, construction works, etc.


• We offer advice on installations, plant constructions, design, construction, refurbishment, area optimization, and optimization of utilization and energy consumption.

• In addition to our solid experience with project planning, we are well known and respected for our ability to reduce operating and maintenance costs through various means of optimizing the energy consumption

Engineering, plant constructions, electrical engineering, energy saving and optimizations, design, refurbishment, area optimization and optimization of utilization and energy consumption.

Our best reference is 38 years of experience helping customers within the fields of construction, engineering, energy saving, heating, ventilation and design. Our customers represents a broad variation from the private and public sector. One of our latest of the larger projects is the Green Solution House, which probably is the most green and eco-friendly conference center and hotel in the world. 


Aakirkebyvej 27, DK 3700 Rønne

Tel: +45 56 95 53 30