The installation company Knudsker El is servicing both maritime and land-based electrical installations. 

• Knudsker EL is ISO 9001 servicecenter alarm systems.

• The company also offers service and maintanence on fire- and rescue material. Complete maritime extinguishing system and maintenance on wind mills are also offered.

Other services
Knudsker El is working with electric intallations, intelligente pabx, data network, routers, swictches, maintenance of industrial buildings and machinery, acces control, surveillance and fire-, thefth- and tv-monitoring.

• Authorised electrician.

• ISO 9001 for: automatic fire alarm system, alarm systems, tv surveillanceaccess control and for automatic fire alarm system.

• Approved by the danish Maritime Administration to carry out insulation measures on ships.

• Approved by the danish Maritime Administration to install and service fire extinguisher systems on ships.

Number of employees
34 (2015)

Years in business
37 years

"Welcome to Knudsker El, here you will get serious work done in high quality and with sense of details". Manager, Peter Lund Olsen


Sandemandsvej 27, DK-3700 Rønne
Tel: +45 56 95 68 50
Fax: +45 56 95 68 58