Bornholms Energi & Forsyning is producing, selling and distributing electrical power to the residents of Bornholm among others. Bornholms Energi & Forsyning is involved in a lot of research & development activities within wind, solar energy and biomass.

The island of Bornholm is targetting to become a 100% carbonfree society in 2025.

Other services
Research & development in e.g. Smart Grid – the next generation of energy-systems that can integrate huge amounts of renewable energy.

Bright Green Island
Bornholms Energi & Forsyning is owned by the Bornholm municipality. The Bornholm municipality has, together with local industry, public and other authorities, established the Bright Green Island strategy for Bornholm focusing on energy and environment with the goal to become 100 % based on renewable energy.

Bornholm as a test island
Bornholm and Bornholms Energi & Forsyning are collaborators in numerous research and development projects. The results and experiences of these projects receive attention from around the world. Bornholm has been chosen as a test island because • 65 % of the electricity that is produced on Bornholm and 45 % of the electricity that is used, come from wind, solar and biomass. And there is more to come.

• The high share of renewable energy in the electricity grid makes Bornholm a unique test facility for future smart electricity grids, i.e. Smart Grid.

• Because of the location, on Bornholm we can isolate the electricity supply from other electricity grids, which ensures more accurate data.

• Furthermore, Bornholm constitutes about 1 % of Denmark and 0,2 % of Europe, which facilitate the comparison of data.

• In addition, Bornholm is a complete ’miniature society’ with a hospital, schools, houses, work places, families etc. Therefore, the island is attractive to full-scale tests.

EcoGrid 2.0
EcoGrid 2.0 is an international Smart Grid demonstration project, where 1,000 power consumers on Bornholm are testing new ways to manage their power consumption to adapt to renewable energy production. Danish Energy Association, IBM and the Technical University of Denmark are partners in the project. EcoGrid was chosen as one of the 10 most sustainable promising projects in the world in 2012 (Sustainia Award).


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