What can you get in 7 minutes?

When you arrive in Bornholm you can get direct access to logistics and vessel specialists in 7 minutes or less.

From when you arrive in the Port of Rønne it takes you 7 minutes to get to the airport by car. 7 minutes until you are relaxing in a comfortable hotel or enjoying a wonderful meal with great ambience around Stor Torv in the capital of Bornholm. You'll be able to see why Bornholm is called the Pearl of the Baltic and one of the top tourist destinations for Danes.

Berthing at the Port of Nexø? Accommodation and good food are also just 7 minutes away.

Many of our member companies are located around Rønne and with minimal warning can be at your side in either Rønne or Nexø: as a supplier, for maintenance, for repair, for crew support, for logistics. You can be on your way again as soon as possible.

We hope you never need it but a large hospital is operational on the island - it can be reached in 3 minutes from the Port of Rønne - and has its own helipad to airlift those serious enough to require specialist care.

Pressing paperwork for crew? Many Baltic countries have consulates on the island with several within reach in 7 minutes or less of the Port of Rønne.